Historical event: 100 000 children's dreams are in outer space

Make A Dream Project has carried out historical space mission

The historical event that has a great impact not only for Ukraine but also for the entire planet Earth took place on Saturday. For the first time in history, 100 thousand children's dreams drawings, that were gathered within the framework of the Make A Dream 1+1 media Project, were sent into space. They are traveling with the speed of 300 000 km/sec. to the planetary system TRAPPIST-1, scientists think, that here the extraterrestrial civilizations could exist. The Ray of dreams will fly 41 light-years to reach its ultimate destination. It is the 9-th message to the extraterrestrial civilizations and the biggest in the history of our planet.

The Ray of children's dreams was sent to space from the Space research and communication center, which is situated near Lviv. The mission was coordinated by the National Space Technology Operating and Test Centre in Kyiv. Simultaneously, at the main capital's street was held the light visualization of sending the signal into space. The Ray of dreams has set up the programme of Kyiv Lights Festival - international festival of light and media. It was created by the artists that animated the children's drawings. The performance occurred to be one of the most technologically advanced in recent times. the augmented reality was used, 3D-mapping, live TV-feeds for TSN news and on-line streams

For sending the message to space two Start buttons have to be pressed, one - was at Zolochiv, Lviv region other one in the command post of Kyiv.

Sending the Ray into space from Zolochiv was coordinated by the Director of space communications center Viktor Ozhynskiy, Lidia Taran - TV presenter and Make A Dream Project coordinator helped him together with children all around the country, they also have pictured their dreams for traveling around the Universe.Space Center Team took a highly responsible approach for preparation to Space mission launch; they have developed the special program for coding the drawings, improved the technology and wore the labels “Space Mission the Ray of dreams”. Here 8-years old Maksym Syrchyn pushed the Start button - for a long time this boy has struggled with severe illness during that time he pictured the dream- to build the rocket that would go to space.

The command post the National Space Technology Operating and Test Centrehas been in contact with Zolochiv for the whole time of the starting-up. From there the start commends were given by Volodymyr Prysiazhnyi - the Head of the Centre and Oleksandr Tkachenko - the Supervisory director TY NE ODYN ( You Are Not Alone) Charitable Foundation.

The attendees of School for Superheroes from OKHMATDIT -Ukrainian Specialized Children's Hospital followed via the huge screen the sending Ray into space.

When the Space Center Teams were ready to complete the space mission, and all the systems were thoroughly checked the countdown started. 5-4-3-2-1 the signal with the children's dreams traveled to the journey with a length of 41 light-years.

In just 1 second the signal reached the Moon. And per 24 hours has left the solar system and traveled past 26 billion kilometers away to the side of constellation of Aquarius, the eventual inhabitants of the viable planets could accept them and to creat their answer!

The first one who has got the answer from the Universe was Maksym Syrchyn - and his dream started to come true.During live broadcast Oleksandr Tkachenko has accomplished boy's dream. Maksym is going to have flight directly to Shriharikota, India and watch the real rocket launch.

The Ray Of Dreams space mission was supported by Michael Gillion - the head of the astronomers' team, which has opened the star system TRAPPIST-1.“Children are our successor In a little while they are going to promote our civilization. Sending messages to TRAPPIST-1 with the hope for the response in nearest 80 years - this is an act of faith and a sign of hope. Thehope with expectations that in the sky exist other living creatures with whom we could communicate in order to get ride of the "space loneliness".

Simultaneously with the signal of the radio telescope, the light Ray of dreams has gone into space. It went from the heart of the capital city, Khreshchatyk to Kyiv Lights Festival. What happened up there - the visualization of sending the signal into space. On one side of the Kyiv City State Administration building appeared the cartoon that was created from 100 thousand drawings of children's dreams, these drawings were gathered within the framework of the marathon around Ukraine #dreamfrommychildhood.And just after it the light ray soared into the sky.The Ray of dreams project is the one that starts up the festival this year.On one side of the Kyiv City State Administration building came alive fantastical animals, plants, colorful cars and the rockets that were drawn by kids flighted high in the sky.By pointing the cell phone on the side of the building, by means of the augmented reality, the spectators admired the flying rockets just above their heads, together with unicorns, fishes, and dragons.Authors-magicians that created this incredible beauty - are SKILZ and Live Аnimation artists.

Kyiv Lights Festival organizers enabled children's dreams to run into the sky and gifted them with plenty of light as the organizers believed strongly that the future should start with the dream.

Sending the Ray of dreams into the space became possible by the support of the benefactors: Alfa-Bank Ukraine, Osvitoria, Foundation of Zagoriy family.

It important thing is that this unique project for sending children's dreams into space was supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On 19 September the representatives of the State Space Agency of Ukraine have sent the official letter to NASA and that announced the details of the space mission and also proposed to support the idea of to render for one of the planet of TRAPPIST-1 planetary system the name - "Planet Of Dreams". Accoring to all-Ukrainian study just 5% of children dare to dream, the rest 95%of kids confuse the dreams with the material desires. Because the dreams teach and develope the personality. The organizers are of the belief that by showing kids how their drawings could become the part of the vast universe, we teach them dream without any measures and till the stars.Such positive emotions will power the little patients of the hospitals to overcome the diseases, draw them energy to struggle.Everyone can become a magician and gift the child with the dream, please contact us by wish.1plus1.ua or send SMS for number 4400 and donate any amount. Number for SMS is active only to the numbers of Kyivstar with advanced payment package.