NASA officially supported the Ukrainian space mission "Promin mriy" (Ray of dreams)

A well-known Ukrainian charity project has been supported by NASA

ecently the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has sent an official letter of support to the unique space mission "Promin mriy" (Ray of dreams) to Ukraine . 100,000 Ukrainian children's dream drawings have been fired into space through it. It is being implemented by the "Zdiysny mriyu" (Make a dream) 1 + 1 media charity project and the State Space Agency of Ukraine.

"NASA supports an idea to inspire young people and children to be creative, explore space, and pursue science. Such projects encourage the future generations to make discoveries, as well as scientific and technological researches, which help understand the Universe. We support the "Promin mriy" (Ray of dreams) initiative of the State Space Agency of Ukraine and express our best wishes for its success," the letter says.

At the end of September, 100,000 children's dream drawings being collected for a year and a half from all over Ukraine as a part of the "Zdiysny mriyu" (Make a dream ) 1 + 1 media charity project have been sent to space. In the history of our planet this is the 9th message to extraterrestrial civilizations, but the first one such powerful. And at this time they are flying at the speed of 300,000 km/s to the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system, where, as scientists believe, extraterrestrial civilizations may exist. To reach its destination, the "Promin mriy" (Ray of dreams) will travel 41 light-years over distance of 400 trillion kilometers. The event has taken place at the Center for Space Research and Communication in Lviv region.

The "Zdiysny mriyu" (Make a dream ) project supervisor, a TV presenter Lidiya Taran commented on NASA's support: "Great discoveries, important developments and researches, all that surrounds us, used to be someone's dream before. All the inventors, developers and scientists are dreamers! Because incredible ideas come only from creative people who dreamed a lot in their childhood!".

The "Promin mriy" (Ray of dreams) includes photos of drawings sent to us by post, screenshots painted on walls and posted on social networks with #moyadytiachamriya (My childhood dream) and Jerry Heil's song video #moyadytiachamriya (My childhood dream), made with children's dream drawings.

"Starting from September 28 we have been launching dreams for 352 hours - 11 hours per day - the period when TRAPPIST-1 could be observed from Earth. Signal encoding drawings was finally sent on October 30, in the morning. The first drawings encoded and sent the very first day of the Space mission have already covered a distance over 958 billion kilometres! It's like 6406 times flying to the Sun. We counted over 101,000 drawings sent,” said Victor Ozhinsky, Head of the Center for Space Research and Communication.

With the NASA's support, the State Space Agency of Ukraine and the "Zdiysny mriyu" (Make a dream) project will apply to the International Astronomical Union to name one of the planets of the TRAPPIST-1 system as "Planeta mriy" (Planet of dreams).

We would like to remind you that the world space community has supported the space mission "Promin mriy" (Ray of dreams). Among them we can find Michael Gion, a world-known astronomer, who discovered the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system, Francisco Colomer, a Spanish scientist, and Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper, one of NASA's most famous astronauts.